GCH Guitar Academy, free online guitar lessons from the complete 2 year guitar course

GCH Guitar Academy Hub

From this here you can select which of the GCH Guitar Academy oficial web pages you would like to visit. If you are looking for free guitar lessons, a guitar course to buy that run on your computer or if you are looking for one to one guitar lessons based in the Colwyn Bay area of North Wales you will find them here.




This is the classic site that was designed to work on a desktop computer or laptop, but you might find it hard to navigate on a mobile device. The classic site has pages and pages of information about GCH Guitar Academy. Here you will find free stuff like software downloads, guitar wallpapers and free lessons. You will also find courses to buy that will run on your local computer, as well as one to one guitar lessons in the North Wales area.



This is the new GCH Guitar Academy web site which will be growing and improving over time as it is still in developement. With this web site we have the new and ambitious goal of giving the entire GCH Guitar Academy course away for free. The idea is that advertising will generate enough income to support the site and the lessons, however this will only work if we can get enough visitors and internet intrest. In order to reach critical mass I encourage you to share this site with your friends so that we can reach the number of visitors to make the site viable.


GCH Guitar Academy YouTube channel

This is where you can access all the GCH Guitar Academy video content. The site isn't as organized as ebooks4guitar but by subscribing to our YouTube channel you get to view all the new videos before they are made available anywhere else. There are also many videos that will never be made available anywhere else such as guitar maintenance and repairs tutorials.


Places to buy the course






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